Welcome to UN-LoC’D

Hello beautiful people and welcome to Un-Loc’d, a podcast focusing on all mental health and identity related topics through the Caribbean lens.







Meet Your Host

I’m your host, Audrey Augustave, Haitian American and Licensed Counselor. 

As an American born woman of Haitian descent who was afforded the rare opportunity to travel the world since childhood, I have always been driven to understand and celebrate all dimensions of the human experience.

Through this I found my purpose in helping people reconnect with who they are at their core. As a pioneer of self-love, I have built a reputation for organizing retreats, facilitating workshops, sitting on panel discussions, and showcasing presentations at conventions.

In my free time, I am a proud mother and family woman who loves to explore creative hobbies included but not limited to spoken word poetry, hand stitch embroidery, and hula hooping.

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